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Issuing time:2019-06-13 16:50

About us

With the deepening of high degree of division of labor in manufacturing industry,the difference of raw materials,process,workmanship and talents in the subdivided fields within the same industry is also increasing obviously.The same situation on clothing. Such as tops are made differently with pants,adult clothes are made differently with children’s clothes, woven fabrics are made diffrently with knitted fabrics.Only long-term ploughing of a product can increasing quality and being an expert, truly meet your actual needs.

Who we are?

We are a manufacturer with more than 30 years of history in the garment industry. Since 1990, we have been producing clothes and focusing on this. As a result, we know every detail of the clothing manufacturing sequence very well.

Why choose us?

1. We are located in Humen of Guangdong, a town of producing all kinds of clothing. Our factory is close to fabric and accessory markets, which will be more efficient and convenient on our job. Moreover, Humen is next to Guangzhou, it takes 13 mintues to Guangzhou, 17 mintues to Shenzhen, and 40 mintues to HongKong.

2. We have quite stable fabric and accessories supplier, whom had more than 10 years cooperation with us. Also we have expert who has 20 years garment experience, we believe we can make complicated and difficult pattern and samples for you.

3. All our labours have worked in garment industry for more than 5 years, it’s no doubt their skills make more qualifying products.

4. If you compare our samples with samples from other factories, you will know how our quality will be. The most important, we are direct factory, we are sure we have competitive price for your market. We always keep our intention “QUALITY is PRIORITY”.

What we do?

We are a professional manufacturer of golf wear, sportswear, game wear, team wear and children’s wear, custom-made clothing manufacturers. We can customize any style, any style and any fabric for you. We make patterns according to your drawings or samples.

such as:

T-shirt / Polo / Jacket / Coat

Panties / Trousers / Skirt / Suit

Professional team to give you one-stop service. Let you cost lower, the profit is higher

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